Abschlussfahrt 07

During the first day we went to Frankfurt, to watch the airport. When we go then, finally, after approx. 4 hours, we had a nice Guidance abut the Airport. Afterwards we eat somthing in the McDonals. Then we went to Bochum.

These were only 5 hours. When we came in Bochum and had stowed ours things at the Hotel, we had some time for us. I and some of my friends went in the town, and visited a Sisha-Coffee.
Then in the evening we went to Starlight Express. It was so great.
In ends of the evening we still ate Pitzza.

The next day we went to Köln. There we had a look at the Köllner cathedral and went shopping.
The cathedral wasen´t interessting, but the shopping tour was nice.
At the end of the day, wen went at home

27.2.08 14:28

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